How to Clean Your Electronics

electronic cleaning tips

No matter how fastidious you are when it comes to keeping your living space clean, your electronic devices will get dusty and dirty from use. And while your laptop, television, or cell phone might seem unaffected by dirt, dust, or debris, your electronics will eventually be negatively affected if you allow them to get dirty.

First and foremost, before we get into how to properly clean electronics, it’s important to mention what you should not use to clean TV. This is because if you decide to clean electronics with the wrong cleaning agents, you could potentially cause irreparable harm to your laptop, TV, or tablet.

For example, while Windex is often a popular pick for cleaning electronics, using a glass cleaner to clean computer screen is a bad idea. Glass cleaners contain ammonia and other solvents that can damage the screen of your favorite electronic device.

Cleaning Larger Electronic Monitors

Whether it is grime, dust, or finger smudges, the monitors and screens of our favorite devices tend to get dirty quickly. Cleaning experts suggest cleaning monitors with a microfiber cloth that has been dampened with water. This is especially true for LCD screens, where solvents and other harsh cleaning agents can damage the screen’s pixels.

To begin cleaning the monitor, turn your device off, and then run a damp microfiber cloth over the dirty areas of the screen. The combination of the cloth and water should easily remove any dust or surface build-up.

If your laptop, tablet, or phone monitor has stubborn gunk stuck to it, consider creating a solution that is 50% water and 50% white vinegar and using it to clean your screen in combination with the microfiber cloth.

Cleaning gurus tell us to always use a soft fabric when cleaning electronics. Using a paper towel, Kleenex, or paper-based product during the cleaning process is a great way to scratch up your monitor.

Cleaning Grooves, Crevices, and Keyboards

Besides the monitor, the keyboard of your computer or laptop, as well as the grooves, contours, and crevices of your television or desktop monitor often become quite dirty and dusty with consistent use. Computer technicians suggest using a can of compressed air when cleaning your keyboard to literally blow debris from the small, hard-to-reach spaces between the keys.

Another tip is using a computer-specific eraser to strip oil and finger grease away from your keyboard or touch-pad of your laptop.

The aforementioned tips will help you safely clean your electronics. Whether it is the newest smartphone or an older flat screen television, using microfiber towels and the right sort of cleaning solution are the key to making your favorite devices look brand new.