How to Clean Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Woman cleaning the counter in the kitchen

How are your kitchen cleaning skills these days? 

Everyone loves a clean kitchen, but not everyone is a pro at getting it done. If you feel like your kitchen cleanliness is a little lackluster these days, it’s possible all you need are some tips to up your kitchen cleaning game. Here’s what house cleaning experts can tell you about how to clean your kitchen like a pro:

Time to Prep

Don’t just jump into a deep kitchen clean without proper prep. You’ll just end up skipping steps or having to go back or run around looking for supplies. Prep should include: 

  • Wear an apron or shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Gather your cleaning products – these should include all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, and powder cleaner as well as any specialty cleaners for surfaces and materials in your kitchen such as stainless, granite, or stone
  • Gather your cleaning tools – these should include a broom and dustpan, a mop, plenty of rags, a scouring pad, a scraper, and rubber gloves
  • Move mats or rugs out of the kitchen
  • Remove all items from countertops
  • Make sure the sink is clear of dirty dishes

Remember to Start High and End Low

You don’t want to start with the floor – you’ll end up having to clean it again when crumbs or dust fall from counters or cabinets. Start up high and work your way down. Dust the tops of cabinets, knock down any cobwebs, and clean the surfaces of your upper cabinet doors and hardware. Any dust and dirt that falls down as you clean will get picked up as you move down. 

Move to the Stove

Once your upper cabinets are clean, it’s time to head to the stove. Start with the vent hood if you have one or a microwave if you have one over your range. Do a thorough cleaning, including putting any dishwasher safe parts of the vent hood or microwave into the dishwasher. Clean the stove burners with a scouring pad and stove cleaner. Be sure to use a scraper to remove any dried or cooked on food. Remove the control knobs to clean under and around them. A cleaning brush is often helpful around extra dirty knobs. 

Countertops Are Next

Spray down all of the countertops with the appropriate product for the material they’re made from. Let the cleaner sit as you move back around and start wiping. Anything that isn’t coming off with a rag, scrub with a scouring pad or steel wool. If that doesn’t work, gently use a scraper or razor blade to remove the gunk. 

Hit the Down Low

Lower cabinets are next on the list. Clean the fronts and hardware for all of your lower cabinets as well as the front of your stove. These are often dirtier than upper cabinets due to their proximity to the floor, dirty shoes, dropped or dripped food or liquid, kids, and pets. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a good cloth the get them clean. 

Don’t Forget the Sink

Your sink is one of the most important things in your kitchen to get really clean. Use a non-abrasive powder cleaner to remove bacteria, food residue, and soap residue. Make sure you get around the rim using a scouring pad or a cleaning brush. 

Finally – the Floors

Most professional cleaners save the floors for last. Start by sweeping up dust, dirt, and pet hair. Use a mop and cleaner specific to your type of flooring to get the floors sparkling clean. If you have a lot of grime or buildup on your floor, let the cleaner sit for a few minutes before mopping. You can also use a scrubber or scouring pad to get at hard to mop spots. 

Let the Pros Handle It

If all of this seems like a lot of work, you’re right. Cleaning a kitchen the right way is a lot of work. The professionals at Maids of Honor have a lot of experience cleaning, not just the kitchen, but the whole house. Take the work out of housecleaning by handing it over to our reliable team. Contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule your deep cleaning.