Keeping Your Home Tidy While You’re Stuck Inside

The recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused local and national government to issue social distancing and self-quarantining orders to stop the virus’ spread. That means that more people, and often their children, will spend more time inside. 

As people spend more time at home, it becomes more necessary—but also more difficult—to keep the house clean. But by following a few tips, you can enjoy a tidy home throughout the quarantine. 

The first tip is simple, but it sets the tone for the day: you should make your bed as soon as you wake up. Having accomplished something, even as simple as making the bed, gives people a sense of pride early in the morning and motivates them to accomplish more throughout the day.

Another simple way to keep a cleaner place is to declutter. It’s harder to make a mess when there are fewer things to make a mess with! 

Next, people need to discipline themselves to clean as they go. Between dealing with children and working from home, this tip may seem like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. But it WILL save you time in the long run. For instance, instead of waiting until the end of the night to do the day’s worth of dishes, wash the dishes after breakfast. Breaking up large tasks into bite-sized chunks helps keep the house-cleaning process more manageable. Additionally, keeping cleaning supplies nearby—such as stashing sink cleaner under the sink—make it more convenient to clean as you go. 

However, sometimes houses get so untidy that the task of cleaning feels overwhelming. In those cases, people should seriously consider hiring a professional to come in and clean the house, at least on a one-time basis.

Some people will take advantage of cleaning services more than others. It depends on your budget and your needs and wants. If you value a spotless living space and have toddlers to boot, you may want to call out the professionals more often than others. 

Since nobody seems to really know when life can go back to normal and we can leave our homes more often again, keeping your house tidy will be critical to staying motivated while being stuck at home. Breaking up tasks into more manageable pieces to finish throughout the day eliminates the stress of cleaning projects that eat into nighttime activities. The more you can eliminate clutter and minimize your possessions, the less cleaning you have to deal with on an ongoing basis. 

Once you have a clean house—which may be best accomplished by hiring a professional cleaning service, at least to start with—the easiest way to keep it clean is to maintain what’s already clean. Keep tasks small and frequent and keep cleaning products close at hand. 

Stay inside during the quarantine, wash your hands, and keep your space clean!