Common Household Products for Holiday Fun

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July 4th

Salute the 4th: Fill clean, glass bottles with layers of red,white,and blue candies, sand, or aquarium rocks for a quick and fun July 4th table decorations.

Enoy the fruits of the season: What would summer-time be without watermelon? But this July 4th don’t just eat it, use it for a centerpiece that will really wow your friends. You can find lots of patterns and ideas in magazines for carving watermelons into animals and birds shapes that not only look great but hold a fruit salad as well.


A Hot Way to Color Eggs : Drip wax from candles onto your boiled or blown eggs interesting patterns. When the wax has hardened, dip the egg into dye. Let dry then peel off wax. Enjoy

Dye your eggs naturally: Place eggs in pan with water covering them, add teaspoon of vinagar. Then for the fun part, place a large amouts of follow foods to make natural colors. Brewed coffee-Brown, Canned Blueberris-Blue,Spinach leaves-Green,Cranberries-Red,Yellow onion skins-Orange, and Lemon peels-Yellow.