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How to Clean up After Pets

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How to Clean Up After Pets
By Cathy Sandberg

As much as we love our household pets, they can create cleaning headaches.  Between muddy paws, fur on upholstered furniture, odors and occasional accidents, we can spend quite a bit of time and effort cleaning up after our furry friends.
Minimize the mess 
Since cleaner pets make a cleaner house, bathe and brush your pets regularly to minimize pet hair and pet dander and to help manage odors.  Keep a lint brush or damp sponge handy to quickly pick up loose pet hair.  A light mist of spray-on cooking oil on your pet’s dishes will make them easier to wash out and will add shine to the coat.
Removing pet hair 
On carpeting, plain vacuums don’t generate sufficient lift to pick up all the pet hair from the floor, so use a vacuum with a good beater brush or brush roll. Read more


Use the Right Tools for House Cleaning

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Use the Right Tools for your Home Cleaning

By Cathy Sandberg

Getting a home clean not only requires labor, but the right tools to do the work efficiently and effectively.  At Maids of Honor, we have developed a cleaning system that uses the same tools which cover 98% of the conditions we come across.  We discovered this system over time while cleaning hundreds of homes.  We have these tools with us at all times.

The reason for developing our system is to make our services fast and affordable.  But, for the person cleaning your own home, we hope this can make your life simpler and easier. Read more