Tool Belt

Make Cleaning Easier and Faster

Want in on a secret to make cleaning a breeze? Use a tool belt or apron with pockets! Keeping likely needed tools handy while you clean, cuts down on the time you spend going to get that “one other thing” you wished was within reach. Watch the video below to see the tools we recommend you […]

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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

We’ve all done it – tried carefully to nicely fold a fitted sheet only to have it end up looking like it’s in a ball. Refold. Only it comes out the same way again. And then the wrinkles when you go to use the sheet! Well, watch our brief video and we’ll show you how […]

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cleaning with kids

How to Make Cleaning More Fun

Getting Your Kids Involved in the Daily Household Chores! 1) Start ‘Em Young! Kids are great helpers, especially when they’re young, so get them involved sooner rather than later. A lot of what children learn is based on mimicking the adults around them and picking up on the skills, and eventually responsibilities, that come with […]

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gift box

1001 Ways to Reward Employees

Tags: House Cleaning, Housekeeping, Phoenix, Glendale, Sun City Top 5 Employee Appreciation Ideas 1. Day-to-Day Recognition ( Personal, Written, Electronic, Public Praise) 2. Tangible Recognition & Rewards ( Outstanding Employee, Gift Cards, Special Privileges ) 3. Group Recongnition & Activities ( Celebrations, Field Trips, Contest, Group Recongnition ) 4. Rewards for Specific Achievements ( Productivity, Attendance, […]

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US Flag

Common Household Products for Holiday Fun

Tags: House Cleaning, Housekeeping, Phoenix, Glendale, Sun City July 4th Salute the 4th: Fill clean, glass bottles with layers of red,white,and blue candies, sand, or aquarium rocks for a quick and fun July 4th table decorations. Enoy the fruits of the season: What would summer-time be without watermelon? But this July 4th don’t just eat […]

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cleaning dog

Tips to Avoid Germs During Cold & Flu Season

Tags: Tips to Avoid Germs during cold and flu season   Maids of Honor works hard to make your home as clean as possible.  In our absence, these tips will help prevent the spread of germs. Use a disinfectant and paper towels to thoroughly wipe; All exterior and interior door handles, Including fridge, microwave, DW, […]

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cleaning supplies

How to Dispose of Household Cleaning Materials

Tags: Glendale Maid Service, Phoenix Cleaning Service, Glendale Clean Services How to Dispose of Household Cleaning Materials By Cathy Sandberg Of course, the best way to dispose of a cleaning product is to use it up, but we are often faced with old or unneeded items. Water-soluble products are easy to deal with, for they […]

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Dog running

How to Clean up After Pets

Tags: Maid Service Phoenix, Phoenix House Cleaning, House Cleaning Phoenix, Phoenix Maid Service, House Cleaning Phoenix AZ, Phoenix House Cleaners, How to Clean Up After Pets By Cathy Sandberg As much as we love our household pets, they can create cleaning headaches.  Between muddy paws, fur on upholstered furniture, odors and occasional accidents, we can […]

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Use the Right Tools for House Cleaning

Tags: House Cleaning Phoenix, Maid Service Phoenix, Cleaning Service Phoenix, Phoenix House Cleaning Use the Right Tools for your Home Cleaning By Cathy Sandberg Getting a home clean not only requires labor, but the right tools to do the work efficiently and effectively.  At Maids of Honor, we have developed a cleaning system that uses […]

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