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How to Clean a Bathroom Like a Pro

Follow these tips if you want to be able to clean a bathroom like a pro. Why is it important to clean a bathroom like a pro? Think of it this way: which room in your house has the most germs? That’s right—the bathroom. With so many unmentionable activities happening in this busy room each […]

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kids toys

How to Keep Kids’ Rooms Tidy

Trying to keep your kids’ rooms tidy can be a never ending battle. You’ve tried gently reminding, nagging and even enforcing consequences, but your child’s room is still a disaster on a regular basis. It can be frustrating for a parent to feel like they have to clean kids rooms otherwise it just won’t happen. […]

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Which House Plants Clean Air the Best?

Do you know which house plants are best for improving indoor air quality (IAQ)? When NASA was looking for a solution to improve IAQ in spacecraft, they measured the impact of houseplants on IAQ found that Mother Nature actually does a better job to clean air with houseplants than mechanical options. 

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