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How to Keep Kids’ Rooms Tidy

Trying to keep your kids’ rooms tidy can be a never ending battle. You’ve tried gently reminding, nagging and even enforcing consequences, but your child’s room is still a disaster on a regular basis. It can be frustrating for a parent to feel like they have to clean kids rooms otherwise it just won’t happen. […]

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spider plant

Which House Plants Clean Air the Best?

Do you know which house plants are best for improving indoor air quality (IAQ)? When NASA was looking for a solution to improve IAQ in spacecraft, they measured the impact of houseplants on IAQ found that Mother Nature actually does a better job to clean air with houseplants than mechanical options. 

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Spring Cleaning Special!

AZ Maids of Honor is offering a Spring Cleaning special for the month of March! Simply book your 1st cleaning during the month of March and you will receive $50 off your 3rd cleaning.* Fill out our easy Estimate Form, or contact us at 602-504-1047 to get started!   *Offer good for new reoccurring customers.

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Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

If your ducts are in need of a cleaning, this can seriously impact the quality of your indoor air. During hot and cold weather your climate control system is constantly pulling air through your house. If you or your family members have noticed increased respiratory health problems, a greater amount of dust in the air […]

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